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Gourmet Meal Preparation

How Gourmet Meal Prep works and why…

Grilled, Steamed, Baked, Roasted & Toasted Options

With generous sumptuous portions and carefully selected ingredients, its a no brainer as we only charge £6.99 per meal.
Our plans are flexible and allow for you to subscribe or pay as you go.
We offer a range of nutritious, tasty meals that are fit for purpose and that customers require for their consistent dietary requirements whether it be for fitness, health or beauty.

We work with qualified trained Chef’s and culinary experts to ensure the finest flavours, highest quality of produce and most professional preparation methods are engaged.
We are constantly saving you the expense of cooking, cleaning and shopping, reducing your outgoings as well as time spent enjoying a meal. All of our options are pay monthly or pay as you go. Whether it be for dining with family, partner, friend or colleague, this is the way forward when saving on cooking, cleaning and dining out overall.
We offer delivery time slots for our cheap & flexible monthly meal plans. For our 5 day plans, we offer once per week delivery. For our 7 day plans we offer twice per week delivery.

Why It Work’s

The on-the-go solution to your appetite, cravings and dietary needs.
Saving you time on planning out meals, trips to the supermarket, prepping your produce, cooking and finally all the clean up.
We offer a range of plans to help you achieve your goals or meal requirements. Whether you are aiming to improve your health and fitness, need something tasty, fancy incorporating some new ingredients and culture into your life or fancy some plant based alternatives - we have the plans for you.

All meals can be enjoyed whilst hot or cold, allowing you to enjoy when you like as you like.
Our meal plans are carefully designed to help you reach your personal goals while saving your time on daily meal preparation.
Our delicious and healthy meals will fuel your body with the right nutrients to achieve your health goals while ensuring consistency in your life.
Customers report an average 9 hours per week time saved while on the service!