BWG Lifestyle Club

About Us

Who are we?

What is BWG Lifestyle Club?

A London based hospitality membership club offering wellness services within the BWG Wellness faction, a dining and eatery based faction called BWG Kitchen and more. The club offers 2 membership types with the option of tiered packages. The club packages are tailored to meet a client wanting of wellness, travel support, club events and the club community. BWG+ is a premium option of membership that is offered at higher affordability bracket encompassing all elements of the club packages, but with personalised touches such as an account manager that supports our members similarly to a concierge. All packages come with bustling discounts and special offers from desired suppliers via a pre-selected criteria upon registration.

Travel, dining, accommodation, meal prep, detox plans and additional services is just the start. We offer an internal quotes, competition and event aspect for all members and users of the platform. The quote selection focuses on combatting the rise in depression, anxiety and insecurities of the modern day adult. A provision of a platform whereby, you can upload your own quotes ad well as spend a few moments reading inspirational, motivational and relatable quotes. Our quotes are sent amongst our emails to our members to always keep positive encouragement and reinforcement as a staple of our client care. Our events are tailored to inform, engage or awe. We host, erect and partner with events of a myriad of natures including educational workshops including cooking, networking, accommodation and travel. As well as events that focus on building awareness, informing our customers and creating a forum of like-minded people with additional services, companies and products in support. We erect seasonal events of a bespoke and unique nature that offer an unparalleled experience.

The purpose is to provide a multi-faceted platform, offering experiences, entertainment, engaging offers and a myriad of services to compliment the user. A pragmatic approach to growth on a constantly developing platform that offers choice and provision of options for the user. An array of products as well as a variety of service, designed to deliver lifestyle based wants and needs.We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide a professional and speedy service at all times, whilst maintaining the highest standards of customer service & customer care.
A manifestation of an amalgamation of modern day desire, entertainment, adventure, autonomy of choice, commune, satisfaction and hospitality.

This is BWG Lifestyle Club.

What is ‘The Culture’ and why ‘B.W.G’?

The culture is our slogan. We use the colours 'Black' , 'White' and 'Gold' heavily throughout our work to represent and express the culture. When the culture is said, repeated or reflected - we are reinforcing and reverberating the concept and actuality of high-quality service provision, production and deliverance of products and principal customer care.
The Black, White and Gold colour scheme possess’ a non-discriminatory purpose. The gold represents the Gatsby for high-end sophistication, amazing parties, luxury and grandeur.
The White represents Wayne, who’s origins consort with cleanliness, movement and mobility as the origins of the name divulge that the name arose as an occupational name for a wagoner in past time. This resonates within our flexible, mobile and pragmatic approach to solutions, decisions and concerns.
The Black, representing Bryce, represents historical & cultural values of Africa and the Caribbean with undertones of Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Scottish and American origins and meanings.

Together, the acronym represents strength through tyranny and in adversity, transcending the possible and superseding expectations at all times.

The culture is the reflection of the depth and purpose of the club.
We harness the essence of inclusivity and reinforce the importance of the culture that is amongst the BWG community & the depth of meaning within our slogan.
It resonates belonging, within the club amongst members and exclusivity of being a member and enjoying the platform for all of its benefits.
We maintain understanding of this and it has been succinctly coined as ‘ The Culture’ of BWG.
The word culture alone means “the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.”