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If you’re wondering why you should bother engaging with quotes or even this page - read onwards. 

Inspirational quotes trigger something within us when we read them. They activate our emotions and sometimes when they resonate with us, they increase our pulse and get our juices, whether creative or critical thinking, flowing.

Quotes open the door for encouragement but you have to walk through that door and apply what you are reading to your life.

If you do not use quotes as a tool of life, the idea of quotes to you is pointless (and therefore you are probably no longer reading this.) But if you are a fan of quotes, chances are you are open to things in life, open to learning, and open to changing things you are not satisfied with.

Quotes are also a great reinforcement tool. You can read all the quotes you want but if you don’t use them to your benefit (applying them to life), they will not do you much good.