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Gourmet Meal Preparation

(35 Meals) 5 dishes per day - 7 day GMP Plan

(35 Meals) 5 dishes per day - 7 day GMP Plan

249.99 every month

This option provides you with a 7 day meal preparation plan consisting of 5 meals per day.

All meal plans are based on Monday - Sunday for 4 weeks. All plans commence on a Monday.

Delivery times and meal specifications will be processed and selected post-purchase.


Gourmet Meal Preparation Options

  • 12 Cuisines:
    Japanese ( Sushi & beyond), Southern American Soul Food, Italian, Caribbean, Mediterranean (Greek/Turkish grill), Korean BBQ, Indian, Lebanese, Modern British, French, Mexican and American BBQ.

Additional Extras

  • Seasonings/Marinades/Sauces - This is not at an extra charge. However, customers have an option to request specific or desired seasonings, marinades or sauces upon registration on our form.

  • Nutritionist - We work with an inhouse nutritionist, that accommodates hourly consultations for our customers and membership clients alike. This is charged at an additional £50 per hour.

  • Allergens - We inform our customers of potential allergens from the list below that could/would be used by showing a symbol alongside potentially allergen hazardous options on the menus. We also ask our clients upon registration for allergen information.
    We can arrange alternates as well as exclusions of the allergens that you require.
    Allergens listed include: Seafood, Dairy, Nuts, Lupin, Celery, Gluten, Eggs, Mustard, Soy Beans and Sulphur dioxide/Sulphites.

    Delivery Time Slots:

    Morning - 08.00 - 11.00 | Afternoon 13.00 - 16.00 | Evening 18:00 - 21:00

    See the area clarification map here:
    London Postcodes & Surrounding Areas

    Delivery is available in London and surrounding areas of a 15 mile radius of the closest london postcode to your the registered address. Delivery outside of london is charged at a premium of £50 a month and London delivery is charged at £30 a month. Your delivery slot and purchase can be purchased separately in the delivery information section at the footer of the service page. We will call or email to confirm your time slots and confirm receipt of payment.

    For our 7 Day meal preparation packages we offer two delivery time slots a week per plan to ensure quality, freshness and premium deliverance of your meals. 
    We only deliver to the address that is registered to the account unless discussed with the account holder.