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We offering the opportunity to partner with us on the distribution and retail of our products and services. All business to business solutions are tailored to be flexible, viable and practical.

We offer complete solutions that are appropriate for online retail stores, commercial retail unit stores and mobile business facilities. There are many ways in which you can incorporate our products and services into your business or service provision.

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Offering a juiced drinks selection of flavoursome punches and juiced beverages by BWG Kitchen Store. Detoxifying, cleansing and revitalising detox blends, kits & more in our Detox Products. Our juiced drinks range and detox product range are available for distribution and retail with minimum order requirements.
Our clothing lines are available for retail purposes only.

Juiced Drinks


Detox Products





Offering meal plans from our Gourmet Meal Preparation service, Champagne house and vineyard tours from our Champagne Tours, Remote and in-house cleansing programmes from The Detox Experience and villas, holiday homes and residential escapes from our Serviced Accommodation. Brokerage is more common amongst these services. However, we have seen a rise in partners seeking to add value to their business’ by service provision expansion. This is where we come in and offer healthy meals and meal plans. Some business’ we work with, harness partnership agreements containing all 4 services. Gourmet meal plans for staff and events. Champagne tours for staff team building & corporate gifts. Detox programmes personally and for employees that frequently face illness or ailments. Serviced accommodation is for corporate clients, accommodation and gifting.

Gourmet Meal Plans

Champagne Tours


Serviced Accommodation

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