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Five Destinations In Asia You Should Add To Your Bucket List

With everything from sprawling jungles and the world’s highest mountains, to history-steeped ancient ruins and super cities with their eyes firmly on the future, Asia has heaps to offer travelers of all tastes. It would take a lifetime and then some to fully explore the continent, and narrowing down must-visit locations is no easy feat. To help you out, we have picked five destinations that you should add to your bucket list now for a pretty incredible taster of Asia.

Borneo, Malaysia

The rainforests of Borneo are a staggering 140 million years old, making them some of the oldest on Earth. It is no surprise that an incredible array of wildlife calls this place home, including the island’s most famous residents - orangutans. Trek through the jungle and try to keep count of the animals you see, learn about local conservation projects and get to know the diverse cultural groups while you are here.

Everest Base Camp, Nepal

What bucket list is complete without an appearance from the highest mountain in the world? A hike up to base camp, which is 17,590 feet high, is a serious challenge and one for committed hikers only. Of course, there is always the option of seeing Mount Everest from the comfort of a helicopter but for adventure junkies, the trek is so worth it for the unbelievable views and sense of achievement.

Angkor Archaeological Park, Cambodia

Dating back to the heyday of the mighty Khmer Empire, you can spend days wandering around the temples at Angkor, which despite being half-eaten by jungle are amazingly well preserved. Arrive at Angkor Wat, the park’s most revered temple, in time for sunrise for the most spectacular views then stick around to explore the surrounding sites by tuk-tuk or bike.

Varanasi, India

Varanasi earns its title as the most spiritual city in India, and arguably the world, because of its deep connection to Hinduism and the sacred river Ganges. Intense and powerful experiences await here, with life and death rituals on the banks of the river an everyday occurrence and the city full of color, activity and people. Some find it overwhelming, others life-changing; either way you will never forget visiting.  

Tokyo, Japan

We guarantee you have never visited anywhere quite like Tokyo before. One of the largest cities in the world and known for its dazzling neon lights, it straddles both the traditional elements of Japanese culture and the ultra-modern, futuristic side of the country. Each neighbourhood has a distinct personality and you can find kawaii shops, traditional tea houses and everything in between across this mega city.

Have we inspired you to book a ticket to any of these locations? Let us know which of our must-visit destinations in Asia have made it on to your bucket list and which you have already visited. Stay curious!