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Some Of The Best Countries In The World For Foodies To Visit Part 2

We’re back again as promised, with more incredible foodie destinations from all four corners of the globe. If you love to travel and you love food, you’ll most definitely want to feast your eyes on our latest recommendations.


If you’re in search of mouth-watering, flavourful and spicy foods, India is sure to tick the boxes for you. Indian good is often named the best cuisine in the world, with a unique blend of spices, rich flavours and delicious, fresh ingredients, we can see why.  

We recommend trying:

•    Chana Masala; chickpeas in a rich sauce

•    Tarka Daal; lentils in a light sauce

•    Tandoori chicken; succulent and spicy chicken on the bone


Typically, the Scandinavian countries, particularly Sweden are best known for their fish dishes. However, there are many other flavours, recipes and treats that will satisfy your taste buds. With fresh fish, indulgent sweet treats and hearty portions, we recommend sampling:

•    Swedish meatballs

•    Toast Skagen; typically prawns on a piece of sautéed bread

•    Selma bun; the countries famous pastry celebrated on ‘fat Tuesday’


Contrary to popular belief, French food isn’t just escargot and frog legs! Did you know that French is one of the most frequently taught cuisines in culinary schools all over the world? The staple of French food is cheese, so you can expect totally indulgent, rich recipes both savoury and sweet.

 Famous French delicacies include: 

•    Macarons; sweet meringue-based confectionary delight

•    Terrine; meat pate served cold with bread

•    Bisque; a smooth, creamy and perfectly seasoned soup


A trip to Argentina marks the perfect opportunity to indulge in social feasting as you sample plenty of traditional dishes paired with great wine and fantastic company. Of course, for meat eaters, you can’t leave the country without trying a piece of steak so tender you can cut it with a spoon! Think plenty of meat, outdoor dining, rich flavours and hearty home cooked food. If that sounds like a bit of you, we recommend trying:

•    Chimichurri; the country’s most famous sauce

•    Empanadas; baked or fried pastry with savoury fillings

•    Asado: an Argentinian BBQ

 The Philippines

Over the years, we’ve come across some horror stories about the cuisine in the Philippines, with plenty of blogs painting a picture that is might just be one of the worst places on earth if you’re in search of incredible food. But we disagree. If you’re heading to the Philippines, be sure to try:

•    Chicken abodo; one of the country’s most famous dishes

•    Kare-Kare; oxtail strew 

•    Sisig; a sizzling hot plate of meat with rice and a raw egg (to be mixed in whilst hot)

So, there you have it. Five more countries to add to your bucket list if you’re in search of cuisine as impressive as the culture. Where will you visit next? We’ll be back soon with plenty more inspiration for you. Stay curious!