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Some Of The Best Countries In The World For Foodies To Visit


 Vietnamese cuisine is a real treat for your taste buds as it’s full of flavours from mouth-watering ingredients such as fresh herbs, fruit, vegetables and fish. If you’re trying Vietnamese dishes we recommend ordering:

•    Goi Cuon; golden fried spring rolls packed with coriander, greens, minced pork shrimp or crab.

•    Banh mi; one you’ll see far and wide on the streets of Vietnam, a tasty sandwich with vegetables, omelette and fillings of your choice.

•    Banh Xeo – classic pancakes with the literal translation of ‘sizzling pancake’


All hail the diversity of Greek cuisine from scrumptious salads to moussaka and souvlaki, the cuisine on offer in Greece is truly something special.

Top dishes to try include:

•    A traditional Greek salad simply referred to as salad in the land of Greece

•    Souvlaki; this is something you can pick up on almost every street, it’s little pieces of marinated meat, grilled and stuffed into a pita wrap with tasty toppings

•    Mousaka: typically, an eggplant or potato-based dish that is simply a must try.


From street stalls to lavish beachfront eateries, Spain has a lot to offer when it comes to food and drink experiences.

Be sure to try:

•    Paella; a wonderful dish for sharing typically made up of Spanish risotto, vegetables and seafood

•    Tapas; a whole range of traditional Spanish snacks perfect for grazing at a bar or in the afternoon heat offering options from meat and vegetables to bread and fresh dips

•    Jamon; raw, cured meat that is totally flavourful and delicious


Thailand is bursting with street markets and food vendors offering super tasty, traditional food at insane prices. Beware, ‘Thai spicy’ is very hot! Thai food is made up of five core flavours in which you will come across in almost every dish; sour lime, savoury fish sauce, hot chilli, salt and a touch of sweetness.

Delight your taste buds with:

•    Pad Thai; a classic noodle dish made up of tofu, eggs and simple ingredients to create a tasty snack or meal

•    Tom Yam Goong; delicious soup with lemongrass, chilli, coconut, shrimps and cream, perfectly light for a meal during those hot days.

•    Som Tam; a spicy green papaya salad that is as attractive to the eyes as it is the palette.


How could we compile a list of our favourite foodie destinations without including Italy? The secret to stunning Italian food often lies in the freshness of the products.

When in Rome, be sure to taste:

•    Pizza; a traditional Italian pizza with a thin, crispy base and not too much cheese.

•    Freshly made pasta; not the kind of stuff we might keep in the cupboard at home!

•    Panna Cotta; a totally indulgent, creamy dessert offering a little taste of heaven often served with fresh red-berry jam.

Of course, there are a whole host of incredible dishes and traditions we really ought to try from all over the world. We cannot simply fit them into one blog, so we’ll be back with more foodie destinations soon! In the meantime, stay curious!