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10 Of The Most Popular Gap Year Destinations According To Instagram Hashtags

If like us here at BWG you often find yourself scrolling through Instagram and social media in search of your next holiday destination, you’ll probably come across a lot of beautiful places from all over the world. In our latest blog post, we’re taking a look at some of the most popular destinations that should be on your travel bucket list based on Instagram hashtags. Because let’s face it, we can all be guilty of ‘doing it for the ‘gram’ sometimes!

Alpha Travel Insurance went through 10,000 of the top Instagram posts with #gapyear and now we’re picking out 10 of them to share with you. If you use your Instagram and social media as a public diary to document your travels, you’ll want to read this.

1.    Fraser Island, Australia

Home of crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches and good vibes aplenty, it’s pretty easy to see why this hot spot made it on the list.

2.    Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a European gem that draws travellers in from all over the world each and every year, from the ruin bars and historic sights to wild sparty’s, this place offers the best of both worlds.

3.    Chiang Mai, Thailand

Located in Northern Thailand, the home of the Elephant sanctuaries that you’ll often come across on your timeline, 0.78% of the top 10,000 most popular Instagram photos are made up of this enchanting destination.

Elephant Nature Park

4.    Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

Home of the coffee shops, canals and bike ride through picturesque parks, Amsterdam almost took the top spot or the most popular gap year destination.  

5.    San Francisco, USA

Making up just under 1% of the top 10,000 photos, San Francisco with its golden gate bridge, bustling Pier and amazing eateries is well worth a stop off if you’re planning on an East Coast to West Coast road trip!

6.    Venice, Italy

Gondolas, historic buildings, Aperol spritz and Italian food, yes, please! Venice made the cut of the top destinations with 111 posts out of the top 10,000 gap year destinations.

7.    London

All hail our home. London made up 1.16% of the top Instagram posts, with the London Eye, Big Ben and world-renowned shopping, it’s easy to see why, although we may be a little bit biased!

8.    Bali, Indonesia

It’s no surprise this hot spot made the top three, taking up 280 of the 10,000 photos. The surfing hot spot is home to super cheap luxurious villas, incredible sightseeing, beautiful beaches and world-famous diving, how could you not want to visit?

9.    Sydney, Australia  

3% off the 1,000 Instagram posts were from Sydney, with its Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Bondi Beach making up the vast array of photo hot spots of one of Australia’ largest cities.

10.    New York, USA

Of the 10,000 Instagram posts, 818 of them were pictured in New York City, making it the most popular location for travellers who take to social media to share their virtual travel diary. With Times Square, Broadway, Liberty Island and Brooklyn Bridge, just to name a few attractions, we can see why the city that never sleeps took the top spot!

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