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Travel Trends On The Rise For 2019

Travel trends on the rise for 2019

 Each and every year the world advances technologically and cultural, taking travel to unexplored heights so that travellers can enjoy the very best travel experiences in the modern-day world. From the rise of micro-trips to the growing pressure for sustainable travel, we’re taking a look at some of the travel trends that are well and truly on the rise for 2019.

1.    The increase in ‘bite-sized travel’

53% of global travellers have reported that they plan to take more weekend trips for 2019. Over the years travellers have been able to enjoy improvements in flight routes, cheaper flights and incredible deals on accommodations, making it easier to experience curated travel itineraries into shorter time frames. If you’re looking to take more European city breaks in a bid to discover more but travel shorter distances this year, be sure to check out our top picks of underrated cities and our guide to winter European breaks.

2.    The year of the conscious traveller

It’s about time we all started considering 2019 as the year of the conscious traveller with almost half of travellers telling that they feel social issues in possible travel destinations are of real importance when choosing where to go. Meanwhile, over half choose not to go to a destination if they feel it will negatively impact the people who live there.

3.    The learning curve

Over half of global travellers agree that travelling the world has taught them invaluable life skills and that’s not about to change anytime soon. 2019 will see a rise in travellers desire to learn something new during their trips as Generation Z will become more aware of purposeful trips. A staggering 68% of global travellers have considered taking part in cultural exchanges to learn a new skill with 54% considering a volunteering experience.

4.    Time to ditch the plastic

WRAP has estimated that the amount of plastic generated every year in the UK is around nearly 5 million tonnes, so it’s not a great surprise that the environment will continue to be a hot topic of conversation throughout 2019. An incredible 86% of global travellers told that they would be willing to spend some time on activities that offset the impact of their holiday on the environment, with over 37% willing to help clear up plastic and litter from tourist hotspots. Let’s hope this is a trend that sticks! 

5.    Discovery of the unknown

2019 is set to see travellers opt to visit more far-flung destinations opposed to popular tourist hot spots. Travellers might not be so interested in Instagram approval of the hottest destinations across the globe as Pinterest reports that the search for ‘less travelled islands’ has seen a 179% increase.

Wondering what 2019’s most searched-for holiday destination is? Pinterest has revealed that Rio de Janeiro has increased by 142% with travellers pinning images of the famous Copacabana Beach and Sugarloaf Mountain to their boards.

So, there you have it. 5 of the many travel trends set to rise for 2019 as we see a continuous improvement in technology making travel more accessible than ever. Not sure where to go next? Take a look at our top picks for 2019 for a little inspiration.